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15 Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100


Mother's Day is just around the corner and we have some unique Mother's Day Gifts that we think she will love! All the gifts in this post are affordable, special and under $100. Check out our Mother's Day Collection for even more ideas!

1. Rose and White Sage Bundle

unique mothers day gifts under $100

Sage is traditionally burned ceremonially in purification rituals. it can clear a physical or mental space of stagnant or negative energy and is a special gift for an y mother who values a clean energetic space!

2. Nipomo Sombra Hat

Unique Mother's Days Gifts under $100

Sombra, meaning shade, is the perfect name for this gorgeous sun hat! Providing just the right amount of sun coverage, this lightweight woven palm is a fashionable way to keep the sun off her face for those beach walks or park days!

3. Helen Howe Handknit Set

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

This trio of hand-knit accessories was designed by the talented Helen Howe and knit by our expert handknitter Jane from our Sorpresa's gorgeous fleece. Your mother will enjoy this beautiful hand knit set made from our very own alpaca's fiber!

4. Mercado Tote Bag

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

This gorgeous mid-sized tote canasta is perfect for everyday adventures. It features over the shoulder leather straps as well as round handles for multiple carrying options and is a truly unique gift for that special mom in your life.

5. Golden Milk Cleansing Balm

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

Mom can treat herself to a mini facial massage with this incredible balm to milk cleanser that takes the day off and gives soothing hydration back to skin. Unlike other balm or oil cleansers, Apis Apotheca's Golden Milk leaves your skin feeling nourished, but never greasy. 

6. Fluff Alpaca Solid Shawls

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

These gorgeous 100% baby alpaca shawls come in over 40 different colors and are the perfect gift for Mom this Mother's Day! She will love their incredible warmth and supreme softness, and we have a color to match any mother's taste!

7. Fluff Alpaca Phone Case

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

An adorable little alpaca to guard Mom's valuables and keep them safe, with original freehand machine embroidery design on phone cases that are individually made with care and attention by a small team of stitchers in Cornwall, UK.

8. Tierra Fresca Outdoor Travel Blanket

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

The lively and free Fresca (fresh) color-way embodies the beginning of spring and is made from recycled materials so Mom can feel good cozying up in this gorgeous blanket. This bright and cheerful blanket will equip Mom for bright and clear days full of spring blossoms and cool grassy hangs. 

9. Alpaca Blend Wine Carrier

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

Conscious luxury and utilitarian. A rich carrying case for Mom's wine—handmade with the help of female artisans from Carabayllo, in the outskirts of Lima. Perfect for that special wine-lover in your life. :)

10. Mercado Visera

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

This adorable natural straw visor will provide great sun protection while keeping Mom looking stylish. The opening in back even allows her to put the visor on without taking her hair down. Lightweight and rolls up small!

11. Alpaca Little Makeup Bag

 Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

Made from washed blue linen and individually stitched by a small team in Cornwall UK, these little purses are perfect for carrying a few essential pieces of make up or anything else Mom might need!

12. Card Holder

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

This is the perfect case for Mom's business cards, credit cards or bills. Handmade with the help of female artisans from Carabayllo, in the outskirts of Lima, this unique piece is a special sub-product of artisanal spinnings in the interior of Peru. 

13. Alpaca Teddy Bear

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

These spectacular plush bears redefine the meaning of soft.  Made of cruelty-free huacaya alpaca fur in a variety of colors and patterns, these bears are the perfect gift for Mom on this special day! 

14. Hearts Socks

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

What better way to show Mom you love her than a gift of heart patterned alpaca socks? These cozy crew socks are perfect for lazing around the house or for everyday use during the colder months.  

15. Canasta Mini Bag

Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

The Palma Collection features handmade structured baskets made out of dried and woven palm fronds. This adorable bag is perfect for all occasions and is a special gift for Mom that she will cherish for years to come.


None of these quite right for your mom? Check out our full Mother's Day Gift Collection!