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Gather Perfume: Ambreine

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Ambreine: The Authentic Amber

A Layered Scent Story: You open the cork on a fine aged port, its bold sensuality seduces your nose with round, sophisticated amber curves, dark dried fruit, and a sparkle of crisp bergamot. You kick off your heels and let your body respond. As the potion opens, it reveals layers of intoxicating orange blossoms and oaky vanilla, notes of wine and bourbon mingle. Time pauses as images of auburn leaves float from maple tree branches, the fall softened by ancient sandalwood. The golden hour sun rays stream through, illuminating the amber resin jewels.

Style: Oriental, Bold Amber, Seductive, Sweet Incense, Traditional, Long Lasting

Strength: pure perfume extrait

Prominent Notes: Amber (accord), Bergamot, Agar wood (oud, sustainably sourced), Sandalwood, Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Tonka

  • Before the advent of synthetic fragrances, there was only nature. Plants, animals, moss, shells, oils, nectar, waxes, and booze. The organic state of complex, mysterious, and magical miracles of earth. And of these organic materials, perfumes of all kinds were crafted.
  • Oriental fragrances are built around a strong, voluptuous "amber" base, and then layered upon with lavish spices, florals, and citruses. I put quotes around "amber" because it is imaginary. It is an accord built from more than one ingredient to conjure a deep, creamy, resinous, sweet, sultry, often powdery aroma that we have come to find familiar in items like Nag Champa incense, popular perfumes like Shalimar and Obsession, and "amber resin" often sold in esoteric shops which is a semi-soft resinous square that is highly fragrant and composed of several ingredients like resins, woods, and plant essences ( I don't know if there are synthetic ingredients in it). It is meant to be used in an aroma-necklace or rubbed onto the skin for perfume. There are oil based perfumes simply labeled as amber that are also common in indie shops, head shops, and health food stores.
  • Unfortunately, many of the aforementioned amber products are questionable in terms of ingredients, and they are somewhat flat (in my opinion) compared to the spectrum possible with amber accord plant ingredients. It also is important to mention that with the evolution of plant essence extractions, we now have access to an incredible real amber resin - fossilized amber - and it is one of my favorite aromatics. You will have found it in Nicotiana Rose, The Forager, and several other former perfumes of mine. It is also in Ambreine. It smells of the finest leather with sweet undertones of balsamic incense. It is deep and divine and adds a significant depth and tenacity to perfume.
  • The vanilla tincture in Ambreine is handcrafted using bourbon and Tahitian vanilla beans, soaked for many weeks and made extra strong. The orris root used here I also tincture by hand, using aged orris roots which have an incredible aroma of powder and sweet earth and has long been used in perfumery. Orris root gives tenacity to a perfume, helping it wear for a longer time.
  • 100% Natural. No synthetics.
  • Ingredients: 100% Natural Botanical Artisanal Fragrance made only in small batches and hand composed by artisan perfumer Ananda Wilson
  • About the maker: Gather Perfume's approach to products is that of purity and authenticity. Ananda Wilson, of South Hadley, MA, sees perfume as a way to tell a story, to compose a song, to paint a landscape, to read a poem, to process a feeling, or recall a memory. She seeks to have her scents contain a little of the familiar, a little of the unfamiliar, and a cadence or crescendo, but most importantly, she wants you to be moved. Creating perfume is a natural extension of her life - a way to give art and beauty to others, to serve in a way that is beyond material products. She wishes to invoke experience, to lavish you with delight and pleasure, and to connect you with a facet of the divine through the transcendent experience of smell.
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