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Apis Apotheca Starter/Gift Set

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Looking for a way to brighten and heal tired and irritated skin? Try 3 of these top selling products from the Apis Apotheca line in one convenient package.

Golden Milk: An incredible balm to milk cleanser that takes the day off and gives soothing hydration back to your skin. Unlike other balm or oil cleansers, Apis Apotheca's Golden Milk leaves your skin feeling nourished, but never greasy. Treat yourself to a little facial massage while using this product on dry skin. Then add a little water to your hands and massage again, transforming your balm into a milk that rinses clean!

Dragon Balm: Want to wake up to skin that's less red, plumped (goodbye fine lines!), and hydrated? Dragon Balm does it all! The product works amazingly as a night time moisturizer/treatment cream that's extremely hydrating, healing and helps to restore the moisture barrier.

Resin: This hydrating and calming facial oil fades scars, strengthens the skin and reduces inflammation. This product may be used as a spot treatment or as an all over treatment/moisturizer. We've been loving this product as a great daytime moisturizer that imparts the skin with a gorgeous glow.

Who these products are for: Almost anyone! Specifically designed for those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin, the products are also great for those with aging/mature skin. Extremely hydrating and chock full of anti-aging antioxidants. Anti-oxidants help to neutralize free radicals and combat environmental pollution, which otherwise accelerates the aging process and may sensitize the skin. This line is totally focused on healing and pampering the skin.

  • For suggested use and ingredient lists, please refer to individual product pages for more info. This package also includes detailed product instruction cards and a discount for 10% off your next order!
  • About the maker: Aviva Skye Tilson, the creator, comes from a background in farming and is a certified community herbalist. She has her own farm in Germantown where she grows most of the products used for infusions and distillations. Her slogan is "farm to face skincare". If she does not grow the product herself, she strives to use local producers when ever possible and her products are labeled accordingly.

Apis Apotheca