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Gather Perfume: Botany's Daughter

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Botany's Daughter: The Plant Lovers' Fragrance.

A Layered Scent Story: A proper stroll through the village dripping with fresh blossoming little leaf linden; whose flowers smell of warmed honey, a twist of lemon, and a faint garnish of nutmeg. Lavender is everywhere; bundles filling baskets filling markets. Fields upon fields through the countryside. Skilled hands weave fragrant, flowering bundles to dry for tea and healing balms. The sweet smell of contentment and peace fill the air.

Style: Herbal, Floral, Clean, Honeyed, Light

Strength: pure perfume extrait

Prominent Notes: Linden Blossom, Lavender Blossom, Bergamot, Cardamom, Ambrette Musk, Myrrh

  • 100% Natural. No synthetics.
  • Hand tinctured linden blossoms paired with homegrown lavender, French lavender, and Bulgarian lavender, this perfume is a plant lover's treasure.
  • Ingredients: 100% Natural Botanical Artisanal Fragrance made only in small batches and hand composed by artisan perfumer Ananda Wilson
  • About the maker: Gather Perfume's approach to products is that of purity and authenticity. Ananda Wilson, of South Hadley, MA, sees perfume as a way to tell a story, to compose a song, to paint a landscape, to read a poem, to process a feeling, or recall a memory. She seeks to have her scents contain a little of the familiar, a little of the unfamiliar, and a cadence or crescendo, but most importantly, she wants you to be moved. Creating perfume is a natural extension of her life - a way to give art and beauty to others, to serve in a way that is beyond material products. She wishes to invoke experience, to lavish you with delight and pleasure, and to connect you with a facet of the divine through the transcendent experience of smell.
Gather Perfume