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Mira's Naturals Lotion Stick


Handmade in Woodstock, NY, this lotion/salve stick is made to keep your both your hands and even dog paws feeling happy! This easy to apply stick (with SPF 23!) can be left on your kitchen sink to apply after doing your dishes, applied on chapped elbows, knees or heels. Mira's Naturals harvests the beeswax and honey right from their backyard and local community farm in Woodstock, NY.

It's made using all natural ingredients that will help moisturize and prevent dry cracking. It will also sooth and heal any irritations that currently exists. This product works great for humans, dog paws and any other dry skin patches or raw areas that need attention. Since it does not have a strong scent it is great for any men, women and to use on children as well.

** Because of the all natural ingredients, it is safe for your dog to lick his/her paws when it is applied. And mango butter is an excellent protector against both hot and cold temperatures - so whether you experience crazy, winter storms with freezing conditions or extreme heat with hot sidewalks - Mira's Naturals has got your dog's paws covered!

  • Ingredients: mango butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E.  It is SPF 23.
  • About the maker: Mira's Naturals began with a spark… a wish for a bright future… a vision of combining all the things they are passionate about and driving it towards a useful purpose. With proper education and the support of well trained and seasoned veterans of beekeeping, the process began. As they researched all of the amazing and practical uses for honey and beeswax, they began to dabble in the creation of products that contained either or both and Mira’s Natural Honey Lip Balm was born! This was an exciting moment because it was a great product and people loved using it and saw the benefits of a natural alternative to what they typically used. This constant encouragement, positive feedback and customer satisfaction is what continues their search for other things to make and share with their family and community. 
Mira's Naturals