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Rio Santo Naturals Candles


These gorgeous soy candles (handmade in the Hudson Valley) will fill your room with an intoxicating earthy natural fragrance. Every Rio Santo Naturals product aims to converge at the intersection of tradition, sophisticated fragrances, quality ingredients, attractive packaging and affordable prices. Continue reading for more info about the scents!

Vetiver & Bergamot: Woody vetiver, sour bergamot, and resinous balsam fir, rounded out with a middle of cedar and pine, and finished off with a heady base of musk and amber.

Fig & Rosemary: Juicy, just ripe figs and assertive rosemary balance each other out beautifully in this sweet and earthy smelling candle. The fresh, green top notes give way to a deep, intoxicating wood and resinous herbal base.

Sweetgrass & Lilac: This fragrance instantly transports you to a field of lush sweetgrass, gently warmed by the sun and carried along on a breeze, mixing with the earliest lilac blooms of spring. Fresh, floral, green, and herbal.

Pinon & Cedar: Like a warm scented breeze in the deserts of the Southwest. This fragrance brings together two beautifully rich and resinous wood scents into perfectly balanced harmony. The slightly sweet and earthy scent of the Piñon pine blends beautifully with the crisp, clean scent of Cedar.

  • Sizes and burn times: 3.5oz burns for approx. 25 hours, 7.5oz burns for approx. 50 hours
  • Handmade in the Hudson Valley
Rio Santo Naturals