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Tey-Art Alpaca Socks

Founded in 2001, Tey-Art blends the essence of "textiles" and "artistry" to craft exceptional alpaca fiber clothing and accessories. These colorfully patterned, vibrant alpaca socks make the perfect gifts – to yourself or others! 

This brand is dedicated to natural, sustainable fibers and partners exclusively with factories and co-ops adhering to Fair Trade Labor principles. At the heart of Tey-Art's vibrant and textured collections are skilled artisans from Peru, nestled high in the Andes mountains, who bring life to each unique, handcrafted piece, especially their alpaca socks. We love Tey-Art for their beautifully patterned alpaca socks and their ethical manufacturing practices. 

From the heights of the Andes, these alpaca socks blend traditional patterns with modern style, using the finest fibers. Experience the luxurious softness, warmth, and durability that only alpaca can offer. Perfect for fashion-forward individuals, our collection of Tey-Art alpaca socks features a diverse array of patterns, from sophisticated classics to bold, contemporary designs. Each pair embodies the essence of artistic expression and ethical fashion, making your every step a testament to both style and sustainability