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Fluff's Berkshire Apple Cider Donut Trail: Our Top 5 Places for Apple Cider Donuts in the Berkshires

Ah, fall in the Berkshires! As the leaves begin to turn shades of amber, crimson, and gold, there's nothing quite like biting into a warm, sugary apple cider donut, the very essence of autumn captured in pastry form. The Berkshires, with its rolling hills and quaint orchards, is a hotspot for this delightful treat. Dive into our ultimate guide on where to find the best apple cider donuts in the Berkshires!




Our Top 5 Places for Apple Cider Donuts in the Berkshires


1) Taft Farms in Great Barrington, MA
Nestled just a short drive from downtown Great Barrington (including Fluff Alpaca, at 319 Main Street!), Taft Farms has been a local favorite for decades. Beyond their fresh produce, famous corn maze, and adorable menagerie of farm animals, the farm's bakery churns out some of the best cider donuts in the region. Perfectly fried with a delectable cinnamon-sugar coating, these donuts are a must-try for any visitor.


2) Bartlett's Orchard in Richmond, MA
Located in Richmond, Bartlett's Orchard offers both apple-picking and a bakery that serves scrumptious cider donuts, along with other tasty treats. Crispy on the outside, tender inside, and with a sugary finish, they are delightful.

Our Top 5 Places for Apple Cider Donuts in the Berkshires

3) Hilltop Orchards in Richmond, MA
In Richmond, Hilltop Orchards doesn't disappoint with its own version of the beloved cider donut. You can often watch them make these right in front of you. Paired with their own apple cider or wines, it's a memorable treat.


Our Top 5 Places for Apple Cider Donuts in the BerkshiresSource:

4) Whitney's Farm Market in Cheshire, MA
Located in Cheshire, Whitney's Farm Market is more than just a farm. Their apple cider donuts are known throughout the Berkshires for their rich flavor and great texture. A visit here combines the best of farm-fresh produce and mouthwatering baked goods.

5) Jaeschke's Orchard in Adams, MA
Jaeschke's in Adams not only boasts a rich family tradition but also some of the finest apple cider donuts in the Berkshires. Their recipe has delighted generations.


The Berkshires' apple cider donut trail is one that promises indulgence at every turn. As you weave through the beautiful Massachusetts countryside, these spots provide the perfect pit stops for a sweet treat. Make sure to keep this guide handy on your next trip to the Berkshires and savor the best apple cider donuts the region has to offer. Share your experiences and let the world know about the apple cider donut wonders of the Berkshires!