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Alpaca Toys and Gifts

Welcome to the enchanting world of Fluff Alpaca’s Toy and Gift Collection, where the charm of alpaca fiber brings joy and warmth to every item. This specially curated collection showcases an array of delightful stuffed animals and toys, each lovingly crafted from either sumptuous alpaca fiber or ethically sourced alpaca fur.

Stuffed Alpacas

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Blabla Baby Rattles



Llama Key Chain
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Llama Key Chain

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Stripey Alpaca Snake

Red Maple Sportswear


Fluff Alpaca Hand-Knit Animals

Fluff Alpaca Hand-Knits


At Fluff, we believe in the magic that each unique toy can bring. That's why our collection extends beyond the adorable alpaca to include a variety of animals, all benefiting from the luxurious feel of alpaca fiber or fur. From majestic lions with their soft, mane to cuddly bears that feel like a dream, each toy is a testament to the versatility and splendor of alpaca material.

Our commitment to ethical sourcing means that every item in this collection not only brings joy to your home but also supports sustainable practices. The alpaca fiber used is shorn from the alpacas with the utmost care, ensuring their comfort and wellbeing, while our alpaca fur products are sourced responsibly, respecting the natural cycle of life.

These toys and gifts offer a soft, hypoallergenic, and cuddly companion for children or a unique, luxurious gift for adults. They are not just playthings but treasures that embody the natural elegance and gentle spirit of the alpaca.

Explore our collection today and find that perfect, heartwarming gift that speaks of comfort, ethical luxury, and the enchanting appeal of alpaca fiber. Dive into the world of Fluff Alpaca, where every toy tells a story of care, quality, and the gentle touch of nature.