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Check out our blog focusing on sustainability and all things alpaca! And, experience the casual luxury of alpaca fiber through our online selection.

Why We Love Alpaca

  Alpaca fiber is the sustainable, socially responsible, cruelty-free and functional alternative to the current textile market's materials. It outperforms other natural fibers in so many ways—it is light and warm, incredibly soft and hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for those sensitive to wool. Plus it is water-repellant, stain-repellant, flame-resistant and less susceptible to abrasion, pilling, and general wear and tear.   Processing and Production Because alpaca fiber lacks the lanolin of sheep’s wool, it doesn’t require harsh chemicals for its removal, which makes it an ideal hypoallergenic alternative to other natural luxury fibers that may feel more itchy to the wearer. One alpaca can produce 4-5 sweaters per year, compared to cashmere goats which produce only ONE sweater every FOUR...
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8 Adorably Practical Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Costumes that are warm, sustainable and appropriate for wear on days that aren't even Halloween? We got you (and your baby) covered with these adorably practical Halloween costume ideas--all made from Alpaca knitwear, a sustainable, cruelty-free and super warm fiber.
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