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Check out our blog focusing on sustainability and all things alpaca! And, experience the casual luxury of alpaca fiber through our online selection.

Embracing Slow Fashion: Fluff Alpaca & Sustainability

Embracing slow fashion: a mindful approach to apparel that prioritizes sustainability & quality over quantity. Our journey into sustainable clothing is deeply rooted in our personal experiences with our family farm in the Hudson Valley – Green River Hollow Farm.
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Luxury Fibers: Comparisons of Alpaca, Mohair, Cashmere & Merino

When you hear the words, “luxury fiber”, what comes to mind? Fabrics made from alpaca, Merino, cashmere, and mohair could certainly make the list. Cashmere, with its silky feel; the warmth and strength of mohair; and the softness and versatility of Merino and alpaca fibers put these textiles head and shoulders above the rest – practically in a category by themselves in the world of luxury fabrics.
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