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Alpaca fiber is the sustainable, socially responsible, cruelty-free and functional alternative to the current textile market's materials.

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Alpaca fur is light
Alpaca fur is soft
Alpaca fur is warm

1. Sustainable

The fashion industry, including the production, processing and distribution of the materials used, is one of the greatest contributors to pollution on the planet. One of the best ways to minimize the environmental pollution caused by this industry is to be more conscious about the types of fibers and materials we are using--and choosing more environmentally-friendly options, such as alpaca fiber. Natural fibers such as alpaca 

Alpacas, which are mainly bred in the Peruvian Andes, are "green" livestock. This means that they are light on the land, preventing soil erosion and graze by "cutting" the grass, instead of pulling it out like other livestock animals used for their fiber, which allows the grass to continue to grow.

Alpaca are also very easy to take care. They only eat 1-2% of their weight per day, compared to cashmere goats (10%), therefore requiring little food, water or special attention. Furthermore, their will can product 4-5 sweaters per year, compared to cashmere goats which only produce ONE sweater every FOUR years.

Now that we know that raising alpaca and therefore the production of fiber is eco-friendly, let's move on to celebrating the sustainable aspects of processing alpaca fiber into textiles. 

Durability - people discarding clothing 

2. Socially Responsible

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3. Cruelty-Free

Alpacas are free-roaming herd animals that are only shorn once a year for their fiber. While their fiber keeps them warm during the winter, it is a relief for them to have it gently sheared off in the warmer summer months. We have witnessed this with our own alpaca on our farm. They are so ready to splash around in the baby pool once they are free of their winter coats!

Furthermore, they are never killed for their fur or fiber and fur is only taken from animals who have died of natural causes. 

4. Functional

Making a cabled sweater for her father, she became familiar with the fiber’s ability provide soft warmth without significant weight. And as the years went by and the sweater lasted, she realized it was also durable.

Not only is the fiber light and warm, but it lacks the lanolin of sheep’s wool and does not need harsh chemicals to be cleaned before spinning. Those characteristics make it perfect for those of us who are sensitive to wool. And, of course, there is the softness of the fiber, a function of its low micron count which is comparable to cashmere. Further, alpaca fiber has a hollow core that enables the retention of heat even better than wool and makes it perfect for outerwear. Alpacas come in more than 20 natural colors and dyes beautifully, all of which mean that it is a versatile luxury fiber.

From our farm to your family, The Fluff Alpaca Team