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Our Vendors

Alqo Wasi

ALQO WASI, which means “Dog Home” in Quechua, the language of the Incas, features handcrafted designs by Peruvian artisans made from sustainable fibers such as alpaca and certified organic cotton. These eco-friendly fibers are sourced from the Andean regions of Peru and transformed into beautiful handmade products by talented experts in weaving, hand knitting and hand embroidering. 


Founded in the Peruvian city of Arequipa, Anntarah focuses on creating modern products through special tailoring and handcrafted techniques using sustainable fibers such as alpaca and organic cotton.

Apis Apotheca

Apis Apotheca is a Hudson Valley local organic skincare brand founded by farmers, herbalists and educators who feel a duty to uphold equitable access to safe herbal medicine and knowledge. Their botanically-infused product line, of which 98% of the plant-based ingredients are hand-grown by the company itself, can be used by all skin types and is designed to especially target an unbalanced skin microbiome, excess sebum oxidation, irregular desquamation, chronic inflammation and inefficient wound healing. 

Atelier Delphine

Founded by Yuka Izutsu and based in New York and Los Angeles, Atelier Delphine  speaks to the influence of French minimalist cuts combined with an outsourcing of fabrics from all over the world, including Peru. The company works closely with traditional artisans, embedding a deep cultural understanding of the materials they work with to both inform the design process and uphold the creative agency of the artisans involved in the product creation. 


Headquartered in Australia, Fibre by Auskin is committed to building a sustainable business for all stakeholders, including the wider communities they work. Auskin celebrates nature's textures and its ability to enhance living spaces through their sourcing of natural raw materials throughout the globe, including eco-friendly Alpaca wool from South America.


The knitwear label, named after a native ethnic groupings the Andres of South America, is a love story between a Belgian design and Peru's extraordinary fibers and textile craftsmanship. Aymara's knitwear is produced in its own fully-integrated knitting factory in Arequipa, Peru, which is both locally founded and family-run, producing sustainable products with an authentic soul.

Beacon Mercantile

This locally-based business was born from the quest to create quality candles, perfumes, and apothecary goods from fantastic natural ingredients and materials. The small batch candles are hand poured and made with clean burning US grown soy wax, cotton and paper eco-friendly wicks. All candles are 100% phthalate, paraben, zinc, dye, and lead free.


Blacksaw was born from a husband and wife team with the desire to create Meaningful Possessions worthy of taking up space in your life. 100% Baby Alpaca blankets are the foundation of what they do; but whatever the pursuit may be, our aim is to create long lasting, timeless pieces that are curated according to originality, usability, and spirit. They value well-made, natural, essential, purposeful products, that speak the secret tongue of style.

Cabbages & Kings

This unique children's clothing brand is a strong supporter of fair trade and strives to build bridges between artisans of excellence and socially responsible consumers whenever possible. All of their items are hand made by artisans that reside in Central Mexico and in the Andean Valleys of Peru and Bolivia. The artisans work in collaboration with a network made up of 14 community groups, churches and non-governmental organizations that work to strengthen the capacities of local, participating institutions and base communities.

Classic Alpaca

Classic Alpaca produces hand knit, traditional woven and machine-knit alpaca garments from their facilities in both Peru and Lima, with workshops of over 80 local women working in specialized production areas. Their handmade products are crafted by artisans using knitting skills passed down through generations with alpaca fiber that promotes sustainable agriculture in the Peruvian Andes and beyond.

Counter Couture

The company's husband and wife duo strive to source materials made in the USA, looking for the highest quality and softest textiles available. Furthermore, every hand screen printed image starts as a pen and paper illustration drawn by them in their Denver studio. 


Donsje is an irresistibly cute childrenswear brand offering handmade products crafted from carefully handpicked leathers and fabrics chosen for their durability and natural touch. Donsje works with dedicated factories and employs local artisans, who work in a safe and positive atmosphere and are paid fairly. It also donates part of its profits to the Shining Star foundation, a school in Nairobi, established by the founders of Donsje.

Echoview Fiber Mill

Echoview Fiber Mill is a spinning mill, knitting operation, and design house based in Weaverville, NC. They make beautifully designed home goods, accessories, and craft knitting and weaving yarns using natural fibers like wool, alpaca, silk, mohair, and organic cotton. Some of their fiber even starts on their own farm from their own herd of alpacas and mohair goats. Furthermore, their facility is a Gold LEED certified building, so sustainability is literally the foundation of everything they do.


EllieFunDay is an adorable childrenswear and "blankie" brand that works with partner organizations that employ marginalized women in India specifically helping them become self-sustaining. Handcrafted for LifeTM is their non-profit organization that gives back to the training and development of marginalized communities to empower them with a fair-wage and dignified employment. 

Everything Alpaca

Everything Alpaca was established in 1998 with the purpose to promote the development of the natural fiber industry in Peru. They specialize in the transformation of Alpaca and other natural fibers into high quality and exquisite yarns, fabrics and garments.

Fluff Alpaca

Fluff Alpaca is our very own line of clothing and accessories, crafted from sustainable fibers, some of which are sourced from our lovely animals at Green River Hollow Farm here in the Hudson Valley. Our range includes both Fluff-branded, responsibly made items and hand-knit pieces by local artisans (even family members!). Be sure to tag us on social media while wearing or using your favorite Fluff pieces (@fluffalpaca)! 

Foxy & Winston

Hudson Valley local, Jane Buck, established Foxy & Winston in 2005. Over the years she has built a reputation from her whimsical line of paper goods, organic screen-printed textiles, designs for licensing and custom clients. Jane studied fashion and textiles in England, her native country. Her inspiration comes from a love of animals and nature, a spot of humor thrown in for good measure. 

GATHER Perfume

Founder and Perfumer Ananda Wilson believes Gather perfumes are connected to nature and speak to the soul. All Gather perfumes and products are made entirely by hand, blending all of the aromatics never outsourcing any pre-made blends or bases. Each small batch is composed from 100% natural botanical aromatics in a stable base of artisanal spirits and/or fractionated coconut oil and no synthetics are ever used. 


The Gotamago features original ink-and-watercolour illustrations designed and printed in Toronto, Canada. Every design has a personal story and is delivered from the heart. Inspired by urbanity, nature, and the simplicity of everyday things, we combine a love for travel and culture with a sense of continual discovery. Above everything else, we are unconventional storytellers. 


Granelito is an ethically conscious baby and kids wear label making Scandinavian designs in 100% organic Pima cotton and 100% baby alpaca. They manufacture all of their products in Peru and are based in Brooklyn, NY. Their mission is to provide positive forms of nurture which is shown through our careful consideration in materials, labor practices, and open-ended approach towards gender.

Grant House Press

Grant House Press is a small letterpress shop in rural Columbia County NY that specializes in short run projects. They use late 19th and early 20th century presses, and moveable lead & wooden type, to create limited-run cards, broadsides, booklets, and ephemera on recycled papers. 

Greymount Paper & Press

Greymount is a small (yet fierce) Mom-run stationery company located just outside Albany, NY. All of their designs are 100% created by hand by a creative team of women who all happen to be mothers. Their greeting cards are professionally printed right in Albany, NY by a New York State Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise, who is also a member of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

Happy Pits

Happy Pits is an all natural and primarily organic brand made in Cohoes, New York (right outside of Albany!). Sandy, founder and owner, has established relationships with the right people to bring you the best ingredients at a price comparable to other listings. She reduces her own profit to better support the farmers in the countries growing and harvesting these ingredients - and makes a chemical and toxin free product that's affordable enough for you to try! 

Hillside Hens

Hillside Hens products are created by a local small farm outside the town of Claverack, New York that houses 45 hens, 2 roosters, and 18 Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. The soaps and bath bombs are handcrafted using the milk from their very own goats.

Hudson Valley Skin Care

With over 40 years of combined experience, Glenn and Cathie Arpino decided to start Hudson Valley Skin Care, a luxurious, natural skincare company that strives only to use the best ingredients and never tests on animals. As a community-minded business, HVSC is to proudly incorporate fresh, local Hudson Valley made ingredients into our products as often as possible.

Kendall Creek Farms

Located in Bradford, PA on 74 lush acres of pasture and woodlands, Kendall Creek Farms has operated for over 20 years and believes that the future of the alpaca industry lies with the luxurious fiber produced by these amazing animals. Each year in May, they harvest their own alpaca fleece crop and reap the reward in beautiful fiber, which is spun into the gorgeous yarn sold in our store.  Kendall Creek Farms is a member of the national (AOBA), regional (MAPACA), and Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners and Breeders Associations (PAOBA).


The Kuna brand is the culmination of thousands of years of a Peruvian Alpaca breeding and textile experience combined with generations of apparel manufacturing expertise, modern technology and deep respect for natural fibers. Kuna's garments are not only textiles composed of the best alpaca, vicuna, and llama fibers, but they are also products of a commitment to conserve, breed, and improve these species, as well as the Andean communities and culture.


Since 1979, LANART has been working with alpaca and fair trade practices from their own Latin heritage in Peru to create beautiful and unique hand crafted, cruelty-free products based in Arequipa. They have stayed true to the hand knitting traditions passed down through generations, taking great care to value the symbiotic relationship with the artists that make their products and to weave the Peruvian culture and community of Areqiupa into everything they do. 

Lexi Ky

Lexi Ky is a New York City based baby design company that prides itself on being all natural, sustainable and ethical. They support Fair Trade practices by partnering up with talented Artisans in Peru, and working with local knitters in the USA to create beautifully luxurious products that are natural and safe for our children and for the environment. 

Love + Sage

Love + Sage was started by Native New Yorker Sage Lehman, a believer in all natural skincare and homemade body care products. Sage started the company after a frustrating search for the perfect lip balm. Her lip balms are formulated with natural, non-toxic ingredients, using organic sources wherever possible. 


Masala specializes in designed and producing environmentally friendly, artful, contemporary greeting cards. Masala is an independent, 100% green greeting card company located in Asheville, NC. Their card lines are locally designed and printed. (In store only)

Michele & Hoven

Michele & Hoven comes from the inspiration of its designer; Michele Van Oudenhoven who was born in Lima, Peru and raised in a European family. Their garments, which are designed in Europe and hand knit by Peruvian experts who have inherited the thousand-year-old hand knitting tradition, are created from natural fibers like Alpaca wool, that combine sustainability, warmth and softness. 


Miou is proud to offer fashionable, high-quality children's clothing while contributing to ethical production that supports fair-trade labour, conscientiously chosen material, and lasting products. Miou's garments are handmade by exceptionally skilled artisans in Peru using 100% GOTS organic cotton or baby alpaca wool, and many of their garments are coloured with plant-dyes, a method based on Indigenous Peruvian tradition.  

Mira's Naturals

Mira’s Naturals was born out of a search for healthier and more natural options to use in the household, as the founder's daughter, Mira, is diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. The search soon became a journey into beekeeping and ultimately creating all natural products using honey and beeswax. Every product they make is thought out, researched and kept as simple as possible, only incorporating natural preservatives, such as Vitamin E, and never including any fillers, dyes or toxins.

Mr. Boddington's Studio

Mr. Boddington's Studio is a boutique luxury stationer and design house located in NYC in a sunny little studio atop the pastry bakeries on 36th Street. They pride themselves on unique, hand-drawn illustrations and typography on their greeting cards, stationery, art prints and even children's books!


The New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP, Pronounced NEEF) is an alpaca fiber processing service that produces U.S. Grown, U.S. made alpaca products. By combining small amounts of fiber from thousands of farms into large lots, they are able to utilize large U.S. commercial manufacturers and take advantage of economies of scale. By doing so, they can offer alpaca farms access to a wide range of professionally made products, at the lowest possible cost and risk. 


Nanay is a Bolivian company dedicated to the production of Alpaca and Llama knitted baby and children clothing. Nanay is a socially conscious company, and Fair Trade certified. They work with 600 native local knitters who are heads of family and provide the main income to their homes, 90% of whom are women.  Nanay's main mission is to constantly create jobs and increase hand labor in order to ultimately improve the living standards of the knitters.


Nipomo was born from a mother and daughter team to celebrate the local craft and traditions of Mexico and California through collaborating with skilled artisans from their home country of Mexico. Designing a modern product with traditional methods of making allows them to create unique products while preserving a slice of history, art, and craft. Their collection of functional goods proudly supports traditional makers and their communities in both Mexico and California. 


Oeuf was founded by a husband-and-wife team with the vision of offering parents high-quality pieces that are sustainably sourced and responsibly created. As part of Oeuf’s mission to “be good,” they make sure all of their products are environmentally sound – from their choice of materials, to the manufacturing processes, to the recycled packaging our products come in. Oeuf's knits are made by a cooperative of women in Bolivia, who work in self-managed groups, making decisions as a democracy. 

Paper Cape

Paper Cape is a modern baby and kids apparel brand that believes children’s clothing can be super soft and comfortable while still looking crisp and put-together -- wash after wash, year after year. They source Peruvian Pima from an ethical factory in Lima that works with some of today’s top fashion brands. Paper Cape garments are made to last, even with the most active of kids, and can be handed down from child to child and even generation to generation. 

Paris West

Paris West's process combines modern knitting technology with alpaca, a luxury natural fiber, to create timeless American-made accessories that tell a story and last a lifetime. Their fiber is consciously sourced from Peru, knit using computerized knitting machines in Brooklyn and finished by hand locally. This approach allows them to pair made-in-America quality with high design, and sustainable practices with bar-none products that are made to bring warmth to the everyday.

Petit Pilou

Petit Pilou is a Massachusetts locally-based collection of hand-printed children's clothing founded by a French American duo in the search for the perfect articles of clothing to print on. They print yards and yards of the softest, most baby-worthy fabric and single handedly roll their roller cutters around their hand made pattern pieces. They enjoy working on the little details that make their clothes some of the most innovative, practical, and longest fitting baby stuff out there.

Poppy Treffry

Poppy Treffry is a quirky, handmade accessories brand based out of sunny Cornwall and founded by Poppy, the queen of freehand machine embroidery. Her unique products come direct from her sketches of everyday life in Cornwall and spring to life through her trusty 1930's Singer sewing machine. Each of her products tells a story, and is bound to put a spring in your step - a little tingle of owning something lovely!

Red Caribou

Red Caribou was born in 2014 with the idea of creating a sustainable clothing brand that could tell meaningful stories though each collection. All of their patterns and prints are first hand drawn, digitally processed and finally screen-printed on 100% Peruvian Pima cotton with nontoxic water-based permanent inks. They take care to manage and handle all the manufacturing process by themselves to ensure the environmental, social and labor respect. 

Red Maple Sportswear

Red Maple Sportswear is a Maine seacoast based apparel company continually inspired by the beauty of nature with a focus on natural fibers. They are a small, independent company with innovative specialty products not found in department stores. Many items are handwoven, handknitted, or handstitched by their network of artisans' cooperatives in Peru, where the founder has worked for over 20 years. 

Rio Santo Naturals

Rio Santo Naturals creates hand made home fragrance and personal care products that aim to converge at the intersection of tradition, sophisticated fragrances, quality ingredients, attractive packaging, and affordable prices. We only use phthalate free fragrance oils. All products are phthalate free and hand made in the Hudson Valley.

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel is a privately owned company operating out of Hauppauge, NY specializing in American-made and organic apparel. Their USA made apparel is cut, sewn, picked & shipped by employees making a livable wage, in safe & comfortable working conditions. The company prides themselves on their eco-friendly approach to fabrics, including offerings made from organic cotton, RPET, bamboo and hemp viscose, as well as low-impact dyes. 

Samantha Holmes

Samantha Holmes founded her design label in Scotland in 2003 as a niche lifestyle brand, specialising in natural, handcrafted clothing, gifts and home textiles ethically made by their artisan studios in Peru using the softest alpaca. They are a ‘slow fashion’ brand focusing on product longevity and sustainable practices, in which their alpaca yarn and fur are made and sourced ethically and responsibly in Peru, completely cruelty-free. 

Sawkill Farm

Owned & operated by Michael & Kallie Robertson, Sawkill Farm is a 200 acre livestock farm in Red Hook, NY, in the middle of the beautiful Hudson Valley. Started in 2010, they began as a livestock farm raising 100% grass-fed and pasture raised meats, and ultimately expanded their operation to include the production of soap and yarns in their quest to be as sustainable in their use of the animals possible.

Serendipity Organics

Serendipity Organics is a family-driven Danish design company established in 2003 with the philosophy that natural, pure, and sustainable wear is the best choice for our environment, our skin, and our well-being. Their timeless and durable pieces are made from Llama and Baby Alpaca Wool that are carefully selected to comply with the extraordinary softness of Serendipity. All styles are handmade or semi-handmade with care in small Bolivian home collectives, bringing warm and lovely garments to you.


Shupaca's goal is to bring you one of the world's finest natural materials, alpaca, in uniquely designed and handcrafted goods while promoting fair trade and supporting social and economic advancement for the artisans they work with. Shupaca works with South American artisans and their families to ensure products that exude indigenous quality while remaining fashionably relevant. All products are hand woven on wood looms using the same methods that have been practiced for hundreds of years.

Simply Natural

Simply Natural was created by a husband end wife duo who struggled to quench their thirst for high quality, natural clothing. They fell in love with Simply Natural's fiber of choice, alpaca, on a journey to Peru because of its unique qualities. All of their clothing is created in Peru – the ancestral home of the alpaca and they take care to personally source the yarn and hand select the best quality and colors each season to ultimately craft their high-end alpaca apparel.

Solulu Handmade

Solulu Handmade was founded Allison, a busy working mother who loves the entire creative process - from planning, to selecting all of the elements of the design, to crafting the item with an intended recipient in mind.  All items are handmade in her home studio in upstate, New York in small batches of unique, high quality, durable materials and are intended to bring you the same joy that goes into making them. 

Spruce Ridge Farm

Spruce Ridge Farm, forty-eight acres of rolling hills and beautiful woodlands in the Hudson Valley, is home to a large herd of healthy alpacas. They enjoy fourteen acres of secure, fenced paddocks and seven different fields, providing the animals with adequate space and plenty of fresh grass to enjoy. Spruce Ridge sells raw fiber, rovings, yarn and some finished products made from the fiber from their own alpaca.


Tey-Art, denoting the words "textiles" and "artistry," was founded in 2001 with a vision to create unique, handcrafted clothing and accessories for women. The company is committed to natural, sustainable fibers, such as alpaca, as well as only working with factories and co-ops that subscribe to the principles of Fair Trade Labor. Tey-Art enjoys working with skilled artisans in Peru, many of whom are located high in the Andes mountains, to create their vibrant, textural collections.