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Luxury Fibers: Comparisons of Alpaca, Mohair, Cashmere & Merino

When you hear the words, “luxury fiber”, what comes to mind? Fabrics made from alpaca, Merino, cashmere, and mohair could certainly make the list. Cashmere, with its silky feel; the warmth and strength of mohair; and the softness and versatility of Merino and alpaca fibers put these textiles head and shoulders above the rest – practically in a category by themselves in the world of luxury fabrics.
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Top 15 Sustainable Luxury Alpaca Gifts for Father's Day

Is your dad an Alpaca Dad? If not, he will be after receiving one of these thoughtful and eco-friendly Father's Day Gifts. Alpaca fiber is the King of sustainable luxury goods, so we've curated the best selection of unique gifts that Dad will love for this Father's Day. Check out our picks below for the best eco-friendly gifts that don't compromise on style or luxury. 
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