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What is your return policy?

Please visit this page to review our full return and exchange policy.

Do you ship internationally?

Fluff Alpaca ships to a selection of countries internationally.

Please find detailed information on our international shipping policy here.

Do you guarantee shipping times?

Shipping estimates are provided by carriers and are not guaranteed by Fluff. Orders are packaged and mailed within one to two business days following placement. Please be aware that many carriers report delays around major US holidays, especially between Thanksgiving and New Years.

How can I change my order?

When an error has been made by the customer when placing an order (wrong quantity of an item, wrong address, etc.), customers should respond to the confirmation email they've received as soon as possible to notify us of a needed change. Unfortunately, we can't make changes to orders that have already been packaged and sent.

If an invalid or incorrect address has been entered on a completed order, customers bear responsibility for any returned package fees, fees related to sending the package again, or loss of goods delivered to an incorrect or invalid address.

Do you make all of your products at your farm?

Our alpaca fiber is hand-knit into special items, but because of their unique nature, those items are not currently offered online. The products we sell online are from numerous sources. Items made by NEAFP are produced in Fall River, Massachusetts, from fiber contributed by American alpaca farms, including Green River Hollow Farm. Other items are made elsewhere in the United States from domestic or Peruvian alpaca fiber, and still, other items are made in Peru and Ecuador.

Is Green River Hollow Farm open to the public?

We currently open the farm to the public one to two times a year. We will post a notice on our social media when that occurs.

What does the 10% welcome discount code apply to?

The 10% off welcome discount code can be obtained by signing up for our emails. We will never spam you! The code applies to all products in the online store except for Earthbound Ceramics, Kendall Creek Yarn, Fluff hand-knit items, and gift cards/packaging/gift wrapping/shipping fees. This code has a limit of one lifetime use per customer. Repeated use of the code may result in order cancellations. The code cannot be used in-store, combined with other discount codes, or added onto storewide sales, such as the Black Friday sale. Thank you for understanding these limits as a small business.

What does your Black Friday Sale discount include?

The Black Friday Sale includes almost all items in the store with a few exceptions. Handknit items are not included in the sale, and some additional exclusions may occur on a case-by-case basis. Items purchased prior to the start of the Black Friday Sale are not eligible for retroactive application of the discount. The Black Friday discount cannot be combined with any other discounts and does not apply to gift cards/packaging/gift wrapping/shipping fees. 

What are your general discount and sale policies? 

Items purchased prior to the start of any sale are not eligible for retroactive discounts.