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Donsje Collection

Fluff Alpaca proudly presents our curated Donsje Collection, a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and enduring charm in children's wear. Established in 2013 in Amsterdam, Donsje is not just a brand but a journey into the heart of sustainable fashion. This collection is an array of handcrafted products, made from handpicked leathers and fabrics chosen for their durability and natural feel, perfect for the delicate touch of children.

Donsje stands out for its commitment to ethical fashion. The brand ensures that each product is made in environments that respect both the artisans and the earth. Their collaboration with dedicated factories and artisans across various regions results in a line of clothing and accessories where each stitch speaks of quality and care.

Moreover, Donsje's connection to social responsibility is as strong as its commitment to fashion. A part of its profits is generously donated to the Shining Star foundation, a school in Nairobi initiated by the founders of Donsje. This not only elevates the brand's ethical standards but also adds a layer of purpose to every purchase.

The Donsje Collection at Fluff Alpaca includes charming and imaginative footwear, timeless apparel, and matching accessories. Each item, be it a playful shoe or a cozy cardigan, is a blend of European elegance and practical functionality, cherished equally by children and their admirers.