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12 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Brands to Celebrate on Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, we've rounded up our favorite eco-friendly and sustainable brands, all of which are small and/or local businesses that are doing their part to be not only eco-conscious, but also ethically and socially conscious. We want to celebrate and support these companies that are doing their best to contribute to a healthier and happier Earth.

You can shop our Earth Day Collection here, which features products from all of the eco-friendly brands below and more:

1. Alqo Wasi

eco-friendly dog sweater alqo wasi

ALQO WASI, which means “Dog Home” in Quechua, the language of the Incas, features handcrafted designs by Peruvian artisans made from sustainable fibers such as alpaca and certified organic cotton. These eco-friendly fibers are sourced from the Andean regions of Peru and transformed into beautiful handmade products by talented experts in weaving, hand knitting and hand embroidering.

2. Echoview Fiber Mill

12 eco friendly brands earth day

Echoview Fiber Mill is a spinning mill, knitting operation, and design house based in Weaverville, NC. They make beautifully designed home goods, accessories, and craft knitting and weaving yarns using natural fibers like wool, alpaca, silk, mohair, and organic cotton. Some of their fiber even starts on their own farm from their own herd of alpacas and mohair goats. Furthermore, their facility is a Gold LEED certified building, so sustainability is literally the foundation of everything they do.

3. Fluff Alpaca

handmade sustainable baby fruit hats

Fluff Alpaca is a line of clothing and accessories crafted from sustainable fibers, some of which are sourced from our very own lovely animals at Green River Hollow Farm here in the Hudson Valley. The range includes both Fluff-branded, responsibly made items and hand-knit pieces by local artisans (even family members)!

4. Huttelihut

sustainable eco-friendly baby brands

Huttelihut's children's clothing is made from pure and sustainable materials, such as fair-trade alpaca wool. They use only the finest alpaca fiber, which is processed in the rugged Andes by the Native American highlands population and then hand-knit by skilled craftswomen in Bolivia.

5. Michele & Hoven

sustainable womens clothing brands

Michele & Hoven comes from the inspiration of its designer; Michele Van Oudenhoven who was born in Lima, Peru and raised in a European family. Their garments, which are designed in Europe and hand knit by Peruvian experts who have inherited the thousand-year-old hand knitting tradition, are created from natural fibers like Alpaca wool, that combine sustainability, warmth and softness. 

6. Oeuf

sustainable eco friendly children's clothing

Oeuf was founded by a husband-and-wife team with the vision of offering parents high-quality pieces that are sustainably sourced and responsibly created. As part of Oeuf’s mission to “be good,” they make sure all of their products are environmentally sound – from their choice of materials, to the manufacturing processes, to the recycled packaging our products come in. Oeuf's knits are made by a cooperative of women in Bolivia, who work in self-managed groups, making decisions as a democracy. 

7. Serendipity Organics

sustainable organic womens clothing brands

Serendipity Organics is a family-driven Danish design company established in 2003 with the philosophy that natural, pure, and sustainable wear is the best choice for our environment, our skin, and our well-being. Their timeless and durable pieces are made from Llama and Baby Alpaca Wool that are carefully selected to comply with the extraordinary softness of Serendipity. All styles are handmade or semi-handmade with care in small Bolivian home collectives, bringing warm and lovely garments to you.

8. Red Caribou

sustainable eco friendly children's brands

Red Caribou was born in 2014 with the idea of creating a sustainable clothing brand that could tell meaningful stories though each collection. All of their patterns and prints are first hand drawn, digitally processed and finally screen-printed on 100% Peruvian Pima cotton with nontoxic water-based permanent inks. They take care to manage and handle all the manufacturing process by themselves to ensure the environmental, social and labor respect. 

9. Blacksaw

sustainable eco friendly home brands

Blacksaw was born from a husband and wife team with the desire to create Meaningful Possessions worthy of taking up space in your life. They specialize in eco-recycled alpaca heritage blankets, using factory off-cuts that would have otherwise been thrown into a land fill. They value well-made, natural, essential, purposeful products, that speak the secret tongue of style.

10. Wol Hide

sustainable eco-friendly womens clothing brand

Wol Hide creates easy wear for living in using natural, organic and deadstock materials with minimal dyeing or chemical processing. Started and run in Philadelphia, their sweaters are made in Peru while their cut & sew Easy pieces are made in a small family run factory in Pennsylvania.

11. Samantha Holmes

sustainable ethically sourced womens clothing brands

Samantha Holmes founded her design label in Scotland in 2003 as a niche lifestyle brand, specialising in natural, handcrafted clothing, gifts and home textiles ethically made by their artisan studios in Peru using the softest alpaca. They are a ‘slow fashion’ brand focusing on product longevity and sustainable practices, in which their alpaca yarn and fur are made and sourced ethically and responsibly in Peru, completely cruelty-free.

12. Apis Apotheca

sustainable eco friendly beauty skincare brands

Apis Apotheca is a Hudson Valley local organic skincare brand founded by farmers, herbalists and educators who feel a duty to uphold equitable access to safe herbal medicine and knowledge. Their botanically-infused product line, of which 98% of the plant-based ingredients are hand-grown by the company itself, can be used by all skin types and is designed to especially target an unbalanced skin microbiome, excess sebum oxidation, irregular desquamation, chronic inflammation and inefficient wound healing. 

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our Earth Day Collection! If you're in the area, come visit us at our store--Fluff Alpaca--in Hudson, NY.