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Babies' & Children's Spring/Summer Collection

Fluff Alpaca's Babies' & Children's Spring/Summer Collection is a delightful symphony of style, comfort, and sustainability. This collection is a handpicked assemblage of natural, light fiber garments perfect for the joyous energy of little ones during the warmer months. Featuring an array of dresses, tees, shorts, summer hats, and cute shoes, each item is crafted from the finest materials like cotton and linen, ensuring softness and breathability.

Key contributors to this enchanting collection include:

  • Red Caribou: With its commitment to eco-friendly practices, Red Caribou brings to the table garments made from the finest Peruvian Pima cotton and GOTS-certified organic fabrics. Their designs, inspired by nature and animals, not only offer softness and durability but also reflect a deep respect for the environment and ethical labor standards.

  • Serendipity Organics: This Danish design company, established in 2003, contributes with its philosophy that natural, pure, and sustainable wear is the best choice for our environment, skin, and well-being. Their designs are as kind to the planet as they are to children's skin.

  • Donsje: Known for its unique wardrobe of imaginative footwear, timeless apparel, and matching accessories, Donsje offers exquisite details, fine materials, and timeless designs that ensure an adorable and lasting look.

  • Lali: Rooted in a philosophy of intentional wardrobing and an honest connection to garment making, Lali presents collections inspired by a child’s physical and emotional world. Their prints and patterns foster the curiosity and spirit of childhood, intertwined with the dreamy aesthetic woven into their fabrics.

Each piece in our Spring/Summer Collection for Babies & Children invites your little ones to embrace the season with comfort, style, and a sense of adventure.